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Network Resources and Training Sites (NRTS)

New Mexico State University (NMSU)

The Digital Media Lab (DML) is funded through the NASA Minority University Space Interdisciplinary Network (MU-SPIN) at Goddard Space Flight Center. Established as a Network Resources Training Site, DML models activities that incorporate students in all phases of digital production processes with emphasis in "real-world" projects that support the greater educational community. Benefits to the community include internship opportunities both on and off campus, employment in the DML, programming that promotes digital media knowledge and awareness, and programmatic activities that emphasize STEM careers and education.


The NASA MU-SPIN Digital Media Lab (DML) will model the integration of digital content in learning communities to realize the potentialities of diverse educational practices.


The DML will build on and expand the support structure for the NASA Digital Learning Network (DLN), disseminating the expertise gained in that endeavor, to promote effective communication, learning, research, and digital media knowledge and awareness as they relate to the production and delivery of digital content.


  1. In support of the Agency's core business activities, NASA MU-SPIN DML will continue with the DLN software development process and technology assessment activities in support of the NASA Explorer Schools.

  2. Support community based projects that promote incorporation of NASA educational content and mission activities to ensure the integration of STEM activities in formal and informal educational settings.

  3. Collaborate with the greater educational community to promote and increase digital media knowledge and awareness.

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School Information New Mexico State University (NMSU)
Digital Media Lab
Educational Research Center
College of Education
PO BOX 30001
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Principal Investigator

Mr. Harry Schulte, New Mexico State University


Dr. Karin Wiburg
Dr. Prentice Baptiste

Expanded Co-I Sites

NASA Explorer Schools: Peg Steffen

Digital Learning Network: Douglas Goforth, Johnson Space Center; Bob Starr, Langley Research Center; Ruth Petersen, Glenn Research Center

AT NMSU (higher education): Karin Wiburg: College of Education, NMSU; Various, College of Engineering, NMSU; Pat Hynes: Space Grant Consortium, New Mexico

K-12 Education (various persons)

Las Cruces Independent School District

Gadsden Independent School District

Deming Independent School District