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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

LEND on the LRO

Excerpts from support from Drs. Larry Evans and Jacob Trombka, LRO Science Team Co-Investigators, Goddard Space Flight Center

Our plan is for the participants in this program to learn the scientific and technical approaches relative to planetary remote sensing neutron and gamma ray spectroscopy. To develop an understanding of the exploration and goals of LRO mission and to study results obtained by measurements made during space flight missions using remote sensing techniques.

These studies will prepare the participants for the analysis of LRO data. They would be involved in the analysis of the LEND data when available during the LRO mission. Comparison of the results obtained with the LEND with other instruments on the LRO mission will be carried out in order to better understand and confirm the remote sensing results.

We are not aware of any other MUREP project that could be used as part of our LRO-LEND EPO effort.

Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector

photo of the LEND instrument
The LEND instrument measures the flux of neutrons from the Moon, which are produced by the continuous cosmic ray bombardment of the lunar surface.