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To help train the next generation of NASA's minority scientists and engineers, NASA created the Minority University-SPace Interdisciplinary Network (MU-SPIN). MU-SPIN was started in 1990 by the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and has remained a highly effective tool as it has continually grown and evolved over the past decade. The program serves America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Tribal Colleges.

The first step for the MU-SPIN program was to help provide campuses and schools with network infrastructure. MU-SPIN recognized the need to provide access to the Internet, the world of electronic information exchange and the sharing of educational resources. MU-SPIN helped minority schools buy and even build their own computers for the classroom.

In MU-SPIN's next phase, the program established regional hubs to help extend its program to an even larger minority community. To do this, NASA established Network Resources and Training Sites (NRTS). With the NRTS, the program expanded, targeting students from kindergarten through college, faculty, administrators and community members.

With the infrastructure and regional hubs in place, MU-SPIN established Expert Institutes. These institutes help foster scientific curriculum development and research with the goal of increasing participation in NASA-related science.

To further expand its reach, MU-SPIN created the Institutes for Collaborative Research and Education (ICRE) model. This approach facilitates leadership of current partners and encourages involvement of new partners.

MU-SPIN is funded through NASA's Minority University Research and Education Programs (MUREP).

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