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About MU-SPIN: Consultants


MU-SPIN Initiatives
As the MU-SPIN Project matures and the NRTS collaborative partner schools become connected, more emphasis is being put on effective use of the network access and sustainability. To facilitate this transition, the MU-SPIN Project Team has been expanded to include the following consultants: Dr. Ely Dorsey, Change Management; Dr. Valerie L. Thomas, Research/Education Outreach Coordination; and Mr. Maurice Foxworth and Ms. Cynthia Dinkins, Technology Transfer/Commercialization.
Change Management
With over eighty schools, colleges, and universities at the seven NRTSs, the task of implementing the requisite technology transfer and technology management oversight becomes a matter for effective project management and team cohesiveness. Although the Project is well intentioned, that is not enough to help MU-SPIN institutions with sociotechnical change. Direct intervention from the Project Office is needed to assist the institutions in supporting change in the affected MSET departments and partnering institutions. MU-SPIN funds a specialist in Change Management with the appropriate technical background to help MU-SPIN and to assist our partners with difficult cultural and process problems.
Research/Education Outreach Coordination
The MU-SPIN Research/Education Outreach Coordination effort provides Project level visibility, coordination, and support for research and education activities that prepare MU-SPIN educators and students in the mathematics, science, engineering, and technology (MSET) areas related to NASA's mission. The Coordination effort provides: support for the MU-SPIN Student Symposium; the NASA Resources and Training Sites (NRTS) Principal Investigators, for developing collaborative partnerships and obtaining funding opportunities for research and education endeavors; to the MU-SPIN Minority Outreach Coordinator, for activities such as the MU-SPIN Working Group; and MU-SPIN's Best Practices.
Technology Transfer/Commercialization
NASA MU-SPIN technology transfer and commercialization efforts are centered on moving the tremendous technological resources that reside on the respective NRTS' campuses to the marketplace. The generation of revenue from technology based expertise, specifically to sustain and enhance the NRTS institution is paramount to MU-SPIN activities. In turn, the institution will serve as a catalyst for business and economic development in the communities that they serve. MU-SPIN activities include, however are not limited to, partnership and alliance development; product development; as well as technology commercialization analysis, strategy development and implementation.